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‘Iron & Wine’ 2/27/14, The Social

Iron & Wine at The Social in Orlando Florida on 2/27/14


‘Iron & Wine’ is the name of the singer songwriter Samuel Beam who has been performing for over a decade, mostly by himself, but sometimes with complimentary acts or even a full band.
On Thursday, the penultimate day of February, an hour before the sold out show's scheduled start time, the line, on Orange Ave in front of The Social, was already around the corner. Filled with "brave" Floridians facing the tail end of the winter. With the temperature below 60 (57) degrees, I was forced to stifle laughs at the sight of parkas and the word "freezing" being tossed about flippantly.
Regardless of the facts, these devoted fans were here for the 5PM performance, one of two scheduled for the evening. The doors opened on time, so everyone filed in accordingly.
At six, as the crowd became restless from waiting almost an hour inside, guitarist and singer ‘Jesca Hoop,' tamed the crowd with her soft rock melodies and a humorous anecdote about growing up Mormon and getting high with her mom over the phone. After a few more pleasant, well-received somber songs, she wished us well and left stage.
After another lengthy delay, ‘Iron & Wine’ appeared thanking the state's weather and Ms. Hoop. He then asked for requests, announcing that this “early show” would be the “Iron & Wine Buffet style performance,” to which the audience responded with indecipherable cries of favorites. He selected ‘Sodom South Georgia’ much to their delight. Afterwards he gave up on our banter and began ‘Low Light Buddy of Mine.’
Then, the fans erupted in applause until he began his next song. A few rocky renditions paved the way for some joyous crowd interactions to compliment the soft melodic musings of Beam's voice that went on to play more very unique renditions of familiar numbers.
Later ‘Jesca Hoop’ joined him on stage for a performance of Hoop's 'Yesterday,' which played well into the following eight o'clock showing's start time. One more song was played and he wished us goodnight, with many fans remaining for the subsequent show.

Pictures of Iron & Wine and Jesca Hoop from the show.
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The show's performers
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A full setlist of the night’s first show is available here.