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'Iron Sky: Director's Cut' DVD Review

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'Iron Sky: Director's Cut'


The end of WWII brought many changes to the Earth. The fall of Nazi Germany being one of them. The Nazi's decided at one point that they must continue on. Some traveled to Switzerland. Some went to South America namely Argentine and lived out their lives in seclusion. Some went so far away no one even knew about them for some 70 years.

Our story begins with the first landing on the moon. It was a comical affair at first. I mean no one had ever been to the moon. They didn't know what it would be like to walk around up there. Anyway, our astronauts are out looking over the territory around the lunar module. One astronaut stumbles upon something so very strange that he calls over to the other astronaut to come and take a look. By the time the other astronaut had gotten to his comrade, he was dead. The second astronaut saw what had happened, looked down into an area, and all he could see were refineries and buildings. He honestly couldn't believe his eyes when all of sudden he saw people. There was not supposed to be people on the moon. The group would argue about this astronaut until finally they just took him down into a building to interrogate him. They were shocked when he took off his helmet and they saw a black in their midst. They hadn't seen a black person in all those years. You see there was one group of Nazi's who had put together a ragtag assortment of people and landed on the moon rather than be caught by the allies at the end of WWII. They had kept together the Aryan ideas and flourished up on the moon. The astronaut would eventually tell them what they wanted to hear, so that he could get them into the White House and see the American president.

They were able to take the black astronaut and make him white. They were able to make him think as a Nazi. They put together a group who were to travel to Earth and discuss terms with the American president or they were going to attack and take over the Earth once and for all.

Eone brings us a delightful fantasy about Nazi's and world domination. The DVD will be out on March 11, 2014. This is a must for your library if simply to look at it as something so bizarre that you actually think it could have happened. The DVD is of the highest quality. The sight and sounds are the best you can have on a DVD. So get on out and pick one up, take it home and see what the world could have been like if the Nazi's had traveled to the moon and then came back to take us over. You'll enjoy this one.