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Iron Gate: DC’s best new fine dining option

Iron Gate


Once the longest running restaurant in DC, Iron Gate has re-opened after significant renovations and new ownership, and it is better than ever. The restaurant has a casual dining room and outdoor menu, where a Mediterranean inspired a la carte menu is available. You can also enjoy lunch and brunch in the same area. But the real highlight of this newly opened venue though is the inner, smaller, and cozier dining room. It is only open for dinner and features a tasting menu with the option of four courses for $50 or six for $75, or a Chef’s tasting menu for $110. Wine pairings are available for each of the tasting menus. If money is no object, go for the full menu with the premium wine pairings. You will not regret it!

Iron Gate's tasting menu offers a remarkable fine dining experience, perfect for special occasions and ideal for reaching culinary nirvana. The cuisine is inspired by the ingredients of the countries bordering the Mediterranean including Italy, Greece, and Sicily, which means fresh vegetables, olive oil, cheese, and handmade pasta. In other words: the flavors of the dishes are bold, bright, and delectable.

The tasting menu starts with a series of small plates. Recent dishes have included freshly made crispy foccaia, olives marinated in house, pickled veggies, a crunchy fennel salad, mushrooms with hazelnuts, ridiculously creamy burrata, and an earthy and seasonal beet salad. Following this are courses where you can choose between two or more options. The first course includes options like a dense and creamy carrot and ginger soup that is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory. For your main course, try one of their house made pastas. The ricotta gnocchi, which is currently on their menu, is heavenly treat, with garlic bread crumbs, meaty trumpet mushrooms, and the options of adding decadent black truffles (which you must!).

The cheese course is essential; luscious cheeses are accompanied by honey and black walnuts. Finally, there is dessert, with a chocolate and non-chocolate option. Chocolate is usually the way to go, and this is no exception, although the real delicacy on the plate is the hazelnut ice cream, which tastes very nutella-like.

Make a reservation well in advance; the secret is out: Iron Gate is DC’s best new fine dining option.

Iron Gate, 1734 N Street Northwest, Washington DC 20036, 202-524-5202