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Irene Diaz 's NYC Debut

Irene Diaz


Love is the topic of this crooner's in Converse music. Her rich and soulful voice expresses all facets of love, crazy, sad and obsessive. Her message is simple love triumphs all. Irene's signing reminded me of how simple the concept of love is and how overly complicated it has become, politically and socially. Irene's music mesmerizes away the complications and gets to the basic of love's beauty and simplicity.

Irene Diaz's 1st NY performance was at Subculture on Sat. 6/14 publicist the Bloom Effect.

What Irene had to say

Alina: What inspires you to write songs about love?
Irene: The love of my life! Those around me. The world inspires me. Life inspires me. Movies, songs, TV shows.
I think our world needs more love songs. I hope to inspire the world to love more and see that love can break down walls and unite us in ways we've only been able to imagine. Love is the element that can change our world.

Alina: Your new song about hate, what/who inspired that?
Irene: I began this song after feeling hurt about comments I had read on social media geared towards me and my musical journey. I won't go into detail. Music is my outlet and I began with the words hate is such a strong word. I was being hated on. People feel they can say anything they want on social media, and take it they can, but that doesn't mean it's right.
I also wrote it because there is so much hate geared towards individuals who are quote and quote different from the norm. Hate gets us no where. It's an emotional wall that does not let in understanding. Hate is a poison that hurts not only the victim but the person who is hating as well.
I want love, give me love, when love is all around me I can face the day.
No person can truly experience the fullness of life with hate in their heart. And no one can truly experience the fullness of life if they feel hated on.

Alina: Do you think everyone has the capacity to love or are some people wired to hate?
Irene: Hmmm. I think as humans we have basic needs and are born to fulfill those basic needs. When we feel threatened we either face our threat and try to understand it or we run away from it and I think hate it the running away.
It can be viewed as the nature vs. nurture as well. Is it in us to love/hate or are we taught to love to hate by our parents, family, friends, etc.
I think we are wired to want to live and experience life, and sometimes we hate because we are trying to protect our love for something else.

Alina: Can we eradicate hate and have only peace and love? Or are love and hate intertwined in a battle forever?
Irene: I suppose to truly know love is to truly know what love is not. I wish hate did not exist but maybe it exists to show us how essential love really is. Have you ever read Conversations with God? One of my life changing books. There is this one part that speaks of a little light that wanted to experience itself. But the little light couldn't experience itself surrounded by all the other lights. It needed to be placed in darkness to truly experience itself, and sometimes being in the darkness is scary, but it's the only way the little light could really understand it's true potential to shine.

Alina: Your voice is amazing and very expressive, one gets lost listening to you sing, did you ever take voice lessons?
Irene: No, I've pretty much been able to develop my voice and style listening to the greats such as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and more recent artists such as Sia Furler, Fiona Apple etc.

Alina: Love is very complicated these days with online dating, hook up culture etc. Is the intent with your music to take people back in time to a simpler understanding of love? I certainly had that impression while listening to you sing.
Irene: Love is not complicated. It should never be forced. When you are searching and searching you will continue to search because that is your intent. I believe love comes when you least expect it.

Alina: As it's Father's Day today do you have anything to say about loving fathers and your father's influence on your music?
Irene: My dad is a guitarist. He was actually in a rock in espanol band in the 80s. He's the reason why I began playing around with the guitar.

Alina: Personally I can't wait until you have a child for you to create music that will accompany that type of love, which for me raising my son has been the most meaningful and uplifting. So any plans on the kid front?
Irene: Not right now. Right now I'm focusing on my career. Maybe when I'm in my 30s. But right now I hope to influence kids, teens, adults everyone to follow their dreams. Make those dreams. Plan for those dreams. Don't think that what everyone else is doing is the norm. Everyone has their own story to experience.

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