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Ireland’s Ghosts, Legends and Lore by E Ashley Rooney

Looking for a pot of gold? Read Ireland's Ghosts, Legends and Lore
Courtesy of Schiffer Books

Ireland's Ghosts, Legends and Lore


Many travelers who have walked the country paths of Ireland can appreciate the Irish clans and their beliefs in the forces of the unknown. Ireland’s history is known to be quite complex. The legends and myths have been a part of their daily lives since the Celtic began to arrive by boat around 400 BCE.

The Celts worshipped many Gods—and yet, looked to the druids as their source of magic and healing. The Irish still speak of the fairies, ghosts, and the dreaded banshee cries when a death is about to occur. The spirits dwell in old castles, manors, gaols and other old buildings. “Ireland’s Ghosts, Legends & Lore” (Schiffer Books 2013) takes a look at them all.

Readers who love tales of spirited castles will enjoy learning the background of famous haunts such as Malahide Castle, Ross Castle, Howth Castle and the notorious Leap Castle. The legends of Leap and the presence of ghosts in the Bloody Chapel still put fear in the hearts of many visitors. The current owner who calls Leap "home," believes the spirits have remained—but have become not as malevolent.

Learn about fearful headless horsemen who still ride in the countryside and why bridges in Ireland are said to be haunted. Does the water beneath the bridges act as a magnet for supernatural activity?

Take a journey to the Giant’s Causeway and learn the legendary tale of how one of Ireland's most scenic destinations came to be. And learn why the Irish cringe when they hear the wail of a Banshee outside their window. The book contains great color photographs that just might entice you to book a tour! You will want to experience these great locations yourself. Be on the lookout for those legendary leprechauns and their allusive pot of gold!

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