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iPhone game review: 'Spellfall'

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iOS game 'Spellfall'


If you are looking for a free-to-play iPhone game with some more depth, try Spellfall. Backflip Studios' Spellfall takes the puzzle RPG genre to the next level with this match-three style game.

Think of Candry Crush. Now, replace all the happy candy people with wizards, goblins and monsters, and instead of simply solving the puzzle and moving on you are battling foes with your power over the elements. Beyond that, you can move a puzzle item anywhere on the board to make your matches. Each enemy defeated brings you closer to the boss at the end of the map. Once the map boss is defeated, you unlock a new section of the map to explore.

You play as a wizard in Spellfall that just discovered his powers. As you play you gain levels which will make you stronger, and after you defeat an enemy the store unlocks armor, runes and weapons you can purchase with Coins to equip and make yourself even more powerful. Nearly everything in the Spellfall can be purchased with the in-game Coins. You can start using them too quickly, though, so you have to be frugal with them, or just purchase some with real money. Obtain more Coins by opening the app daily, defeating enemies and matching Coins during a battle.

Also obtainable with real money are more health, if you run out, and the most powerful armor and weapons available. If you die in battle and do not wish to pay for more health, you have to wait a certain amount of time before your health is fully restored.

Spellfall is addictive and creative. It does not make you feel like you have to check on it every ten minutes either. You can pick it up for a few battles and put it away until later. It has everything that makes a casual iOS game good, with a lot of options for those that want to take their wizard to the next level.

Try Spellfall for free.