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iPhone app review: 'Godus'

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Peter Molyneux has been quoted saying that Godus is the “hardest, most amazing game he's ever made.” To some players, Godus on iOS may be the most disappointing.

In Godus, you play as a god that can sculpt the landscape and command your loyal followers. Some of your followers will build homes on the land, which will increase your number of followers. Your followers can also build shrines and temples that will buff the followers or allow you to expand your land.

The Belief points in Godus allow you to sculpt the land and tell your followers what to do. Belief is restored approximately every 25 minutes. If you want more Belief, you can purchase more with gems. Gems are very difficult to get in Godus, but you can purchase them in the store for real money. You can also use gems to instantly finish homes and other buildings, otherwise it can take 30 or more minutes to complete a building. The bigger the building, the more time it will take.

Your civilization progresses by using awarded game cards and stickers (awarded when you complete events or reach follower goals). Awards include: larger homes, more Belief point rewards and advances in technology. As civilization progresses, so will your god-like powers. You will be able to create trees, swamps and bring down a shower of meteors.

While the game is fun when you have enough Belief and you are not waiting an hour for a building to finish, it has many downfalls.

The controls, at least on the iPhone 5s, are very frustrating. You must use two fingers to navigate the map, pinch to zoom in/out and one finger to sculpt the land. Half of the time, the game does not recognize when you are trying use two fingers on the screen, and when you want to drag a follower, the game does not want to recognize that either. Aside from that, probably the most frustrating of all is you can accidentally move the wrong piece of land or move it the wrong way. This costs Belief points too, so you spend them on a mistake and spend more to fix it.

A minor visual bug is occurring on the map, but hopefully it will be corrected in a later patch. When you zoom all the way out, a gray “blob” is visible around the perimeter, obstructing the outer parts of the map.

Some time shortly after you start playing the game, you are prompted to log in with a Mobage or Facebook account. You can continue to play as a guest, but you will not have access to the social aspects of the game. The social aspects likely include sending out updates on your game and sending messages to get more Belief. Not everyone wants to bring their casual games on to Facebook and bug their friends.

Peter Molyneux's great disappointment. A freemium game with shoddy controls and 15 minutes of play time before having to wait an hour again to play. Godus leaves much to be desired. The game is free, however, no sense in not giving it a try.