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iPhone app review: 'Brain Wars'

Brain Wars main/profile screen
Michelle V.

Brain Wars iPhone app


You do not have to be a student to keep “sharp.” Anyone of any age, of any path (student, professional, home maker, etc) can keep their mental gears grinding with an iPhone app like Brain Wars.

Created by the Japanese developer, Translimit, Brain Wars makes you think more seriously about your mental training by pitting you up against other real people from around the world. The challenges consists of puzzle, logic, memory and concentration games. Examples are, matching games, following the order of what bricks light up and math operations. Currently, the app offers 15 different games that may be chosen during the challenges. All the games use simple tap and swipe movements on your iPhone screen.

The game starts with you at Grade “Chicken” and a low rank. The more you play against people and win, both your Grade and rank will go up. Your Grade is similar to leveling in other games. As your Grade increases, the difficulty of the games and challengers will increase, as well. Your rank is placed on a leaderboard, where you can view everyone playing around you, and also the top players around the world.

When challenging a random person you are given a choice of three games. One of them will be selected, but you have the opportunity to choose it by spending five of your coins. It is unclear of what happens if your opponent also uses coins to choose a game. Does the app do a coin flip for which is chosen? Does it choose whichever one was paid for first? Between each game you and your opponent cannot talk to each other, but you can emote with options at the bottom of the screen. After each challenge completed, whether you win or lose, you lose a heart. Additional hearts can be purchased with coins, or you can watch the timer and wait; hearts do refill over time. Additional coins may be purchased with money.

As you progress in Brain Wars your profile shows a diagram of your strong suits. These are, speed, judgment, calculations, memory, observations and accuracy. When you view the profiles of others, you are able to view their diagrams, as well.

The game still needs some polishing. It was just recently released, and bug fixes are in the works. The biggest issue thus far is the syntax of some of the English text used in the app. The game did originate in Japan. It seems that better translations are in the works though.

The app is very fun all around. You get to challenge people around the world, “sharpen” your mind and you can invite friends to play against you via Facebook or Twitter. If you own an iPhone, it is free, so download it and give it a try.

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