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iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard: Keyboard, mouse, touchpad & laser pointer in 1

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iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard: Keyboard, mouse, touchpad & laser pointer in 1


Having had the opportunity to use and review several devices from iPazzPorts innovative product line, I have seen their products and service improve over time. The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard with IR Remote and TouchPad Mouse Model # KP-810-18R is my hands down favorite so far. The compact size is similar to their other mini keyboards but the quality of the construction is markedly better in a more polished and usable design.

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This latest QWERTY keyboard stands out for a number of reasons but primarily because of the inclusion of the touchpad. I have always been a bit fumble-fingered when it comes to using an air mouse. It's hard to get the cursor in the right location and then click on the proper mouse button accurately when your holding the air mouse keyboard in the air. The touchpad completely eliminates the problem and restores control to those of us who are air mouse challenged. It is a brilliant and much appreciated design change.

Another improvement is the slide on compartment cover for the area that holds the rechargeable lithium ion battery and the USB Wireless receiver. The slide cover is of a more sturdy construction than previous models. It stays on securely but is easy to remove when one needs to get to the battery or receiver.

On the flip side of the keyboard is the IR Remote which is easy to program for use with another device such as a DVD/CD player or a TV. The User's Guide also suggests that you might use it with an air conditioner or a refrigerator which has a remote control for some functions. The manual includes instructions for teaching the remote to work with your device.

The KP-810-18R Mini Keyboard also includes a built-in laser pointer which is perfect for teaching or demonstrations in front of a group. Plus, it makes a handy laser toy for my cats in a pinch.

A USB charging and extension cable is included in the box. Use this cable to charge the battery in the keyboard. I also used it for the wireless receiver. It allowed me to place the receiver in a better position for use with both my notebook and desktop computers.

One of my favorite new features is the backlit function makes the keys visible even in a poorly lit or darkened room. The keys take on a soft orange glow which is easy to see without blinding you or intruding on others in the room.


  • Quick learning remote control
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Backlit keys for operation in a darkened room
  • Plug and Play USB receiver
  • Full QWERTY keyboard with function keys
  • TouchPad with mouse buttons
  • Built-in Laser pointer
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win CE, Linux, Android and Mac
  • Wireless control up to 33 feet away

The bottom line is that I love this keyboard. If I had asked them to make a keyboard just for me, this would be it. It's got all the features I need in a keyboard and a mouse and it's easy to set up and use. The keys are large enough to make typing easy. It's small, lightweight and works with my desktop, laptop and tablet computers. It stashes easily into a tablet or notebook case to go where you go. The keyboard comes with a printed manual but I recommend printing out the pdf version which is larger and easier to read. Best of all is the price. You can find the keyboard on Amazon for under $30. Visit iPazzPort online to find out more about the KP-810-18R and the other keyboards in their Commander Series.