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iPad killers and werewolf weed in a review for ‘Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales’

"Images from Tom Holland's Twisted Tales on DVD March 18th!"
"Images from Tom Holland's Twisted Tales on DVD March 18th!" RLJ Entertainment

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales


Anytime a man like Tom Holland is approached by Fearnet and allowed to do pretty much anything he wants we take notice in the horror industry. Though they survived on the popular website for some time, now all of Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales are packaged up in one anthology. While some of the featured shorts are forgettable there are some standouts that make the overall package worth seeing. Including a who’s who in horror from Danielle Harris to Sarah Butler there is something in Twisted Tales for everyone to enjoy.

"Get twisted with Tom Holland's Twisted Tales available now on DVD."
"Get twisted with Tom Holland's Twisted Tales available now on DVD."RLJ Entertainment

Upon speaking with Holland it was clear that the original idea was to do the anthology but if he had a little more knowledge on webisodes and the like then he states “It would have been different. All the films would have been around thirty minutes.” While that does not mean any of the films would have been better or worse it was interesting to hear a legend in the genre say that he is still learning.

What also is increasingly evident while watching the film is there was an emphasis on new technology. Holland says he enjoyed dealing with the different devices and concepts because these stories are easy to relate to in today’s world. You will notice that upon views Tales it;s similar to watching an edition of the Twilight Zone with Holland as the host for these films. When asked what was his favorite film Tom replied “Boom , because the acting is superb which made it better than the overall story.” That is an agreeable statement as the short starring Sushi Girl’s Noah Hathaway does include a remarkable performance.

One of the sneakier shorts in the anthology is “To Hell With You” starring Danielle Harris and the amazing William Forsythe. One of the reasons it sticks out because it’s something that could happen when any person is going through a tough break up. The scene where Harris proclaims she want to meet Forsythe boss is what adds comedy not found in many of the other shorts.

The idea behind “Fred and His GPS” and “Cached” should be well received as those two shorts really hit home on our day to day life. Like any good anthology each tale gives us a lesson on morals and decency while a short like “Bite” reminds us that the new trendy drug could come with some hairy consequences. Some of the other shorts like “Pizza Guy”, “Mongo’s Mirror” and “Vampire Dance” don't stand out as much as the others on quality but has the appeal to be enjoyed by audiences of many flavors.

It’s plain to see that anthologies are making a strong comeback as we hear of a new one being made each week. From all areas of the world series of shorts are definitely getting their due. It’s nice to see an iconic figure like Holland engage himself in this practice as he states “It’s something I always wanted to do!”. We are all better for it and makes us excited for any of his projects in the foreseeable future. Anthology films are great because they truly have a little something for everyone and Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales is no different.

Tom Holland’s Twisted tales is now available on DVD. It is directed by Tom Holland and stars William Forsythe (The Devil’s Rejects, Boardwalk Empire), Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), AJ Bowen (Hatchet 2), Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave) and more. Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales is being released courtesy of Image Entertainment.