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iOS Game Review: 'Veggie Hipster'

It's raining meat, and that's about as gross as it sounds.
Ricardo Beracha

Veggie Hipster on iOS


Simple is beautiful in today’s iOS gaming landscape.

People are always ready to hop on the next easy-to-play iOS game to keep them busy during boring commutes, meetings or mandatory family gatherings.

If there are any vegetarians or vegans out there looking for a simple game to keep them busy, then they just might want to check out Veggie Hipster on iOS.

Veggie Hipster takes the term “indie game” to new heights, as the entire premise is to take control of the hipster main character and dodge animal products as they fall from the sky.

Gamers simply press and hold the screen and move the hipster from side-to-side to avoid chicken legs, steaks, hamburgers, bacon and hot dogs.

The slide mechanic is incredibly smooth, and the character can be controlled from anywhere on the screen.

Also, the difficulty curve ramps up slowly enough to let first-time users get comfortable with the controls and the speed of the game right away.

There is definitely something to be said for apps that sensibly onboard users and let them experience success before the game gets really difficult, and Veggie Hipster does that brilliantly.

Veggie Hipster does leave users with a few questions, though.

Is the main character really a hipster, or is he a guy kind of trying to look like Walter White? Why don’t his feet or legs move when he’s sliding from side-to-side? Why are there random meat products falling from the sky?

Despite those questions, Veggie Hipster won’t disappoint anyone looking for a fun, easy game to keep them occupied during some of life’s more boring moments.

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