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iOS Game Review: 'Shadow Protocol'

I'm very sneaky, Mr. Deeds.
I'm very sneaky, Mr. Deeds.
Goodnight Games

Shadow Protocol on iOS


Metal Gear Solid made its name as one of the greatest sagas of all time based around a unique quality in the gaming industry — sneaking past enemies using patience and cunning.

If you’re looking for a similar experience on iOS, Shadow Protocol will definitely test your skills as a covert operative.

Users take control of a new secret agent who’s looking to put an end to an evil organization that’s been masterminding violence and the assassinations of world leaders.

The only way to infiltrate the evil organization is to don a high-tech exoskeleton suit that will make you invisible in the dark and enable you to put an end to their reign of terror.

The game starts with a simple tutorial that sets the tone for the rest of the game. The controls are easy to master with an on-screen joystick on the bottom-left and a few basic functions on the bottom-right of the screen.

Guards and security cameras are all over every level, and their view is clearly shown by a cone of light that should be familiar to most gamers.

You’ll be able to use a few weapons, such as a taser or an electric whip, but your success will be much more dependant on your ability to sneak around enemies and stay in the shadows.

The mechanics of the game are extremely well done, and the missions offer a variety of challenges.

Shadow Protocol’s creative story, unique graphics and excellent controls definitely make the game a must-have for iOS users who enjoy strategy games.

Shadow Protocol is the third release from NYC-based gaming studio Goodnight Games. The title represents another leap in the production value and depth to their creations.

The indie gaming culture in NYC has been blooming for years now, and Goodnight Games has is really starting to establish themselves as leaders in the scene. The studio has achieved modest success with Cutiebots, and they have a few other games currently in development.

One of the many great aspects of Goodnight Games’ creations is they’re premium games with no in-app purchases or advertisements. While there is an enormous chunk of mainstream app gamers who spend a lot of money on IAPs, there is still a growing constituency of people who’d rather simply pay for a game and not be bothered with gratuitous ads and reminders to “buy now for power-ups!”

“We're very much in the field of you should pay money and get the full game,” Lawrence Mascia, designer and illustrator at Goodnight Games said. “We all grew up like this, and I think [the constant pushing of in-app purchases] are a bit greedy, especially in the scale of mobile games.”

Picking up Shadow Protocol for $1.99 on iOS is money well-spent, especially if you’re looking for a game that will provide hours of entertainment packed with challenging levels and an interesting storyline.

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