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iOS Game Review: 'ColorFinger'

Grab the color, swipe up. That's it.
Quikding llc.

'ColorFinger' on iOS


Match three or more candies of the same color. Swipe right, left, up or down to avoid running into objects or off a cliff. Tap to keep the bird in the air.

In New York, you can jump on the subway or bus any time of day and find people playing mobile games, and the common trait throughout those games is simplicity.

ColorFinger on iOS is exactly that, but it feels like much more than mindless, repetitive motions that require virtually no thought.

Green, red, blue and yellow blocks fall from the top of the screen, and users simply grab the matching color and swipe up to destroy the corresponding block.

And that’s pretty much it.

ColorFinger doesn’t need to be anything more, though. The difficulty curve ramps up intelligently, and the swipe mechanic was designed with pinpoint accuracy.

One wrinkle thrown into the gameplay is the ability to land combinations. So, if more than one block of the same color is falling at the same time, the user can score extra points by swiping them all in one-fell swoop.

An iteration of the famous Super Mario star makes an appearance, too. Swiping a falling star allows the user to swipe every block at once, regardless of the color to rack up extra points.

ColorFinger was created by NYC-based developer Quikding, and it’s only one of several games the studio has produced recently.

Every game from Quikding features unique art and intuitive mechanics. All of the studio’s work is somewhat of a throwback, most of which is GameDog, which the developers have compared to “the bootleg games parents would get from the market” when they couldn’t afford name-brand games and consoles in the 90s.

Overall, ColorFinger manages to be challenging without getting overly frustrating or annoying, and it helps that there are no in-app purchases shoved in the face of the user. It’s definitely worth picking up.

— Are you an indie developer in NYC? Hit up Grant on Twitter: @Grant_Engle, and while you’re at it, say “yo” to @Quikding.

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