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iOS App Review: 'World of Tanks Blitz'

World of Tanks Blitz is an entertaining tactical war game.
World of Tanks Blitz is an entertaining tactical war game.

World of Tanks Blitz


War games have been around since the dawn of video gaming. Whether it’s futuristic warfare like Halo, or “modern warfare” like Call of Duty, gamers have a natural fascination with war.

One of the staples for PC gamers over the years has been World of Tanks by The incredibly popular title boasts more than 85 million users worldwide.

World of Tanks Blitz on iOS is an extension of the popular MMO game made for tank and war-game enthusiasts, but it probably has limited appeal to mobile gamers outside of that demographic.

The first consideration is that this is a mobile MMO, so you have to be connected to a network. While it’s great to play games with complete strangers around the world, it limits the users’ ability to play on the go.

But if you have some time to kill at home or work, and you’re looking to shoot stuff on a tiny screen while you’re connected to the Internet — World of Tanks Blitz might be for you.

Users are deployed into battle with five teammates. The seven-on-seven tank warfare ends when every member of one team has been destroyed.

The game features clean graphics with detailed scenery in each setting, and the map in the top-left of the screen is very helpful for tracking opponents, but the real challenge can be getting to the opponents.

The controls are tough to master, as the turning mechanism feels a little delayed, which can cause a lot of frustration.

Users drive the tank with an on-screen joystick in the lower left, adjust the camera and aiming mechanism on the lower-right, and shoot with a button in the middle-right portion of the screen.

That can be a lot of commands for some gamers. It’s safe to say this is a little more complicated than an endless runner or your typical side-scrolling arcade game.

Once you’ve played a round or two, World of Tanks can be pretty fun, but average iOS gamers don’t usually give games a chance past the first use. So, it’s safe to say the people playing around the world had to put in a little extra effort to master the controls.

Overall, World of Tanks Blitz is definitely worth picking up if you’re into complex MMO war games that let you show off your tactical precision and execution. But if you’re looking for something to pass the time on your commute or play during a boring work meeting, you might want to stick to Timberman or White Tiles 4.