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iOS App Review: 'Hooligans: The Bravest'

Hey, sir. I just want to enjoy this football match and bash people over the head with a club. Is that so wrong?" — Soccer hooligans
Hey, sir. I just want to enjoy this football match and bash people over the head with a club. Is that so wrong?" — Soccer hooligans
Artik Games

'Hooligans: The Bravest' on iOS


The term “soccer hooligans” has been around nearly as long as the game itself, some experts have said. While the action on the pitch is always more fun and less dangerous, the talented developers at Artik Games decided to take soccer hooliganism to new, fantastically violent heights.

Hooligans: The Bravest on iOS is an arena-battle game that focuses on all-out, no-holds-barred hooligan vs. authority violence.

The opening tutorial is a little slow, but the nuances of the game are explained clearly, and users will be able to jump in and play right away. The goal of the game is to progress through levels by beating up the military forces that want to ruin all your fun.

The first character recommended to play as is Vito — which sounds about right for a tattooed, muscular soccer hooligan.

As Vito, you’re able to call in your friends for reinforcements and create what amounts to a barroom brawl. The clever caveat to the gameplay is what enables you to call for back up.

At the beginning of each zone, a bartender is steadily bringing beers to your van. As she brings more beers, you’re able to invite more friends to fight — which isn’t completely unlike real life, in some cases.

As some of your friends get knocked out, you’ll need to call for more, so it’s crucial to call in the right wingmen at the right times. You don’t want to be left alone taking on five men in riot gear.

The controls are incredibly simple. Touch the point you want to walk to, and touch the opponent you want to strike. As the fights get more crowded and more intense, the gameplay becomes reminiscent of old-school button-mashing console fighting games of the 1990s.

While you furiously tap the screen to fight off the militia, you’ll also need to make sure you’re picking up burgers, extra beers and other power-ups along the way. Remember to strategically continue calling your boys for backup, too.

Hooligans: The Bravest combines fun, simple gameplay and a great challenge to gamers. The difficulty curve increases dramatically with the third level, but it doesn’t force you to buy in-app purchases to succeed.

The game is $2.99, which might turn a few iOS gamers away, but the complete absence of IAPs and level of fun is definitely worth the premium cost.

Overall, Hooligans: The Bravest has excellent replay value, great artwork and a funny premise. This all contributes to an entertaining experience for new and experienced iOS gamers.

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