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iOS App Review: 'Evolution: Battle for Utopia'

You can take my stuff and my guns. But you cannot, sir, take my babes.
You can take my stuff and my guns. But you cannot, sir, take my babes.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia


The list of fun, engaging RPGs on iOS is pretty short, and the challenges are obvious. The consensus greatest RPGs of all-time boast sprawling worlds, several characters and require hours of gameplay.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia on iOS and Android has all of those elements, but the game also features action and adventure-style interactions that make it a unique, enjoyable experience. It’s more than an RPG, it’s an ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game).

The story revolves around a group of people sent to the planet of “Utopia” to explore and investigate its sudden downturn. What the crew finds is a planet in need of the cultivation of natural resources that’s been overrun by terrible criminals.

Users play as the commander, who is accompanied by his trustworthy robot dog. The first 10-20 minutes of gameplay are a little slow because there are many things to learn, but Evolution: Battle for Utopia is worth the wait.

The game goes into plenty of detail when walking through its basic controls, menus and the users’ goals. While that can be a bit tedious for casual gamers, anyone who is looking to spend a lot of time in the game will find the walkthrough very informative and useful.

The first thing users learn is that rebuilding the planet is going to take research facilities and an understanding of the available natural resources — pretty realistic for a game set on another planet that features a robot dog.

Once the preliminary stuff is out of the way, the action begins. Users get into their first few battles, and the mix of action and adventure with RPG elements begins to surface.

Instead of trading blows with opponents and losing XP during battle like traditional RPGs, users can duck behind their shield, throw bombs and pick off enemy frag grenades. It’s definitely better than taking turns with an opponent.

The storyline can get a little lost in all of the tasks and battling, but the action and required strategy more than makes up for that. The premise of rebuilding a planet while encountering bad guys is pretty cool, but it’s not the main attraction of the game, and it doesn’t need to be.

Overall, Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a beautifully animated game with console-quality graphics and entertaining gameplay. Whether you’re a classic RPG aficionado or just getting into the genre and looking for some more action, this app is definitely worth picking up.