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iOS App Review: 'Cristiano Ronaldo Footy'

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Cristiano Ronaldo Footy


People around the country have been riveted by this year’s World Cup, and for good reason. The tournament has featured nail-biting finishes in penalty kicks and the jaw-dropping annihilation of Brazil by Germany.

The final is set, and while Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal have been eliminated for weeks, his memory can live on with his very own iOS game — Cristiano Ronaldo Footy on iOS and Android.

Footy is four-on-four soccer played on playgrounds, rough-looking fields and parking lots. The clock is accelerated, so games last around four or five minutes instead of 90, but that still leaves plenty of time for several goals — reminiscent of the 2014 World Cup.

Users move the players with an on-screen joystick and are able to pass, shoot, tackle and switch players with two easy buttons on the right side of the screen. The simple controls make offense pretty easy to pick up, and gamers can expect to score nearly every time they go down the pitch with the ball.

The most challenging part of the game is playing defense. Gamers have to hit the button to execute a tackle unnaturally early, and that negatively impacts the pace of play. Also, the user’s goalkeeper is woefully inept, so you can expect the other team to score right along with you. Final scores can end up looking more like American football games if you move quickly enough.

Defeating opponents allows users to move on and face tougher competition. Along the way, gamers are able to boost their stats from coins collected on the field of play. The coins can also be bought as an in-app purchase, of course.

On the bright side, the game is fair enough for average gamers to progress without buying the coins, which avoids the dreaded “pay-to-win” monetization strategy of many games.

What Footy lacks in realism and defense is made up by a lot of scoring and wide-open play because of the four-on-four format. While the game does include full-page video ads between some of the games, the developers found a way to not shove the monetization points down the throats of the user, and that’s a big bonus compared to a lot of sports games.

Overall, Footy is a fun soccer game that will remind some people of playing with their friends at a local park or in their backyard. If nothing else, U.S. soccer fans should check out the game as a small “thank you” to Ronaldo for burying Ghana in the final game of group play.