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Intervision goes Down Under with an 'Ozploitation Trailer Explosion!'

Ozploitation Trailer Explosion


The term "Ozploitation," is a term used to describe the wave of horror, action and exploitation films which burst out of Australia during the 1970s and 80s. The movement captured a take-no-prisoners, "anything goes" style of film making roughly analogous to the drive in and grindhouse pictures which permeated Stateside screens, only tempered with a fast 'n loose Aussie approach to boisterous action and rampant, innocent displays of nudity.


Indeed, these films shine a light into that reckless, pioneer spirit which defined the work of such directors as John Lamond and Brian Tenchard-Smith, both of whom helped define a cinematic spirit unique to Ozploitation, one which is celebrated here on Intervision's fantastic trailer compilation, Ozploitation Trailer Explosion!

This DVD is packed to the gills with 65 classic trailers, covering essentials and obscurities from all across the Ozploitation board. Sexploitation comedies, horror, and action films all receive their proverbial day in the sun here, as unedited trailers from such Ozploitation classics as Patrick, Stunt Rock, Mad Dog Morgan, Road Games, Felicity, Fantasm and Turkey Shoot remind viewers of Australia's important place within the exploitation film movement of the 1970s.

One aspect of this collection which provides a minor annoyance is the fact that these film trailers are separated by category-sexploitation, horror and action-with no option to jumble them up in any sort of random fashion. This means that if one were to select the "PLAY ALL" option, each category spills its collective contents in order, resulting in a somewhat of an awkward watch for parties or group viewings.

Additionally, each trailer has been assigned its own chapter stop on the DVD, resulting in some awkward transitions when selecting this "PLAY ALL" option, particularly when trailers jump from anamorphic widescreen to full frame. These are both minor gripes, however, when taking into account the sheer number of killer, classic trailers set on display here from Intervision and Co.

This Ozploitation Trailer Explosion is a fun ride which exposes the fun and adventurous side of Aussie exploitation film making in the 1970s and 80s.

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