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Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat - Review


Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat


There are a lot of games on Steam, there are even more mods. Many of them are Half-Life or Counter Strike mods. Some of these are sponsored by Valve and you can download them directly through Steam. Insurgency was one of those SOURCE engine mods that riddle the marketplace. There is no doubt that First-Person Shooters are here to stay as one of the most played game genres on PC. Insurgency does what it can to break the standard methods of FPS play with some really cool and unique game modes. I had this game since alpha with Early Access and it has certainly come a long way. However, there are some grievances with the game that make it somewhat difficult to play.


This game is very akin to Counter Strike and it is strictly PvP. The combat doesn't get old though with plenty of game modes to keep you occupied. This is a game that is not geared for everyone. If you are an avid Call of Duty or Battlefield player this may not be the game for you. However, if you like Half-Life Deathmatch or Counter Strike this is a FPS right up your alley.

There are six game modes to play against human players. They are Skirmish, VIP, Strike, Search and Destroy, Firefight, and Push. Skirmish is very interesting and unique. It sort of is like capture the flag with an awesome twist. Both sides have a weapon cache to protect. Keeping your cache allows your team to continue respawn in waves so the game can continue. When all the caches are destroyed, it becomes a basic CTF/Firefight match. Firefight is objective based but you can win by eliminating the enemy team, so it is the closest to TDM you are going to get. Strike is an Attack and Defend mode with one team trying to complete and objective and the other team protecting that objective. Push has you capturing points in a sequential order to gain more time and reinforcements to win the game with an opposing team trying to eliminate the enemy team.

These are the descriptions of just a few game modes available in Insurgency. Personally I found Skirmish and Push to be the most fun game types. I love objective driven FPS titles because it has something more to offer than just mindlessly fragging the enemy team. All of the game modes available are unique when compared to the more popular FPS games. There is also a Co-Op game mode that pits you and a team against the AI capturing objectives. This mode is pretty fun and a nice way to practice but unfortunately this is the only PvE game mode.

My issues with Insurgency is a problem that Counter Strike has. It is not very “new player friendly”. What I mean by this is that upon playing the game, there isn't a way to ease you into what you will be playing. You will just be dumped right into the action. When you join a game you have a team to pick, a role to pick that dictates what weapons you can use, and then you have a strange number that allows you to customize your weapon. This is all done before you start a round and for new players, I can see it being rather overwhelming at first. Finding a server also seemed to be a bit difficult for me as well. Many games are already in progress and you sometimes won't spawn for 5-10 minutes just because of the game type you picked. What Insurgency does offer is a nice level design. This is something important to PvP FPS titles. You don't want to be playing the same map over and over again and you certainly don't want that map to be so simple you can just sit in one area and get all the frags.

Insurgency has a nice novelty about it. It takes a popular genre and makes it stand out among popular shooters. Knowing that this game was once a free mod and it was brought to a full standalone release is certainly rewarding, especially when you see how far the game has come in terms of gameplay and visuals. If you currently play the Insurgency mod, I highly suggest you upgrade and get this version. I give Insurgency on Steam a 7/10. For new players, this may be a difficult game to get into.