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Inspired by the Olympics? Here’s an app that will help you train

Interval Timer Pro from Delta Works
Delta Works

Interval Timer Pro from Delta Works


The Winter Olympics end today, which is a sad thing indeed. But maybe you’ve been inspired to be more active, and now that you’ll no longer be glued to the television, you’ll have more time at your disposal.

How about a handy little app that helps you time workouts?

The Interval Timer Pro from Delta Works for iPad and iPhones ($2.99) help you keep track of your work and rest periods during workouts.

Whether you’re cycling, running, training for the Skeleton, or just spending some time at the gym lifting weights, the app offers the following:

• Customize sets, high/low intensity interval and rest
• Lock the screen
• Play songs or playlists during workouts
• Post workout to Facebook or Twitter (although I’m not sure others will be as interested)
• Save settings as templates

The various customizable features (e.g., number of sets, countdown time, set time, sound volume) also make the app handy for teachers and students. I was especially impressed by the option to choose between various sounds (e.g., boing, boxing bell) and vibrate, since not everyone needs or wants to hear my routine.

Now it’s time to download the app, step away from the computer, and get active. You have just two more years to prep for Rio, and four more until South Korea. Tick tock!