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Inspiration for Consumers

Be An Inspired Consumer


Anything with the word milkshake in it has to be good right? is a fantasic site that is all about "good finds that give back". Creators Pam Caffray and Amy Jurkowitz have built a buisness that is all about finding the positive in things we come across everyday. People, places, products, companies, and causes. You can sign up and recieve daily emails with new finds and new ideas which "give back and make a difference".

Their new edition Milkshake Kids sends out new ideas to moms everyday. The information packed daily email contains a story about a way to give back, a suggestion on where to purchase a product that has a "give back component", or a place to travel, eat, or visit that is making a positive impact the world.

The site is wimsical and professional just like its name. It is a great site to vistit when your day is taking a wrong turn. It is a happy place that reminds us that there is good all around, we can be a part of it and so can our family. The ideas are fun, inspirational and it is a daily email you will look forward too. It can be used as a great resource to find unique new products that can be used for gifts or a way to introduce the concept of giving back into your own home.

The idea of giving back through the power of being a consumer is one that can easily be localized to New Hampshire. Take a minute and each day and think if there are similar products to the ones you plan to buy that have a "give back" component. Support local businesses before you support big chain stores. Feel like you can't escape the chain, find one that gives back to the community. Many larger stores will donate a percentage of their profit to local schools. Many grocery stores in the state support the local food banks and animals shelters.

Inspiring consumers to think about what they are buying and where they are spending their money is not an easy thing to do. Get Milkshake.Com does a fantastic job. Their mission and emails are a great reminder to take a minute and think about what and who you are supporting locally and globally as a consumer. Check back with often for reviews of local stores that "give back" and make a positive impact in our community.

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