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Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba steal hearts in children's story

This unlikely pair are full of curiosity and courage in a new children's book
This unlikely pair are full of curiosity and courage in a new children's book
Cover art courtesy Mavis E. Smith; graphic by Mary Beth Magee

'Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba' by Mavis E. Smith


Two canine friends find adventure and a chance to be heroes in a charming children's picture book by Mavis E. Smith. “Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba” comprise a delightful duo of sleuths. Let Smith introduce them:

"Ace is a dog. A big dog. A German Shepherd dog.

Bubba is a dog. A little dog. A Pomeranian dog.

They are best friends."

This unlikely pairing faces mystery and danger as they investigate an intruder in Ace's backyard one night. What happens from there will entrance children as the story unfolds.

Smith tells the story from the perspective of the two dogs. They identify the intruder, work out a course of action and act on the plan, all the while sharing clever dialogue. The story is written as a read aloud tale, which youngsters will enjoy hearing as the colorful illustrations depict the action. Older elementary-aged children will be able to enjoy reading the story themselves.

Illustrator Donnie Obina has provided a number of beautiful images that help children follow the dynamics of the plot. There’s also a coloring page for readers at the end of the book.

I shared this book with two youngsters, ages five and six. They had a great time learning to recognize some new words and reading familiar ones. You know a book is a hit with children when they come back later and ask you to read it again. That was the case for this book. We’ve read it together several times and they love it.

The uplifting story of friendship and courage will charm the children in your life, too. Look for “Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba” at your favorite bookstore or order the electronic version online. Animal lovers everywhere can cheer the story of two brave dogs and their mission of mercy.

Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba by Mavis E. Smith

Illustrated by Donnie Obina

Published by Trafford Publishing

Disclaimer: This review is based on a purchased copy of the book. All opinions are my own.

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