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Innex, Inc. releases 'Super Retro Trio' with nostalgia in mind

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Super Retro Trio


There is a market for budget, alternative, all-in-one retro consoles. This market has existed for at least ten years, and it usually bundles together the ability to play Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and original Nintendo games out of the same console. Fast forward to 2014, and Innex, Inc. has pieced together a unit with some better options known as the Super Retro Trio.

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There are a few things that stick out on the black and red unit, itself. The top has all three separate slots for the different games, and a switch corresponding to each. The front has a door that opens to reveal six different controller ports, which offers two for each specific system (Genesis, SNES, NES). This means instead of being forced to use some generic controller, players can actually use first or third party old-school controllers for each system. This is a huge plus to offer this option. There is also a region selector switch, as well.

The system does come with two general controllers, but Innex took the best of all three worlds. The controllers bundled with the system are Super Nintendo controllers, basically. Black and red to match the system, the controllers are uber-light. Speaking of lacking in weight, the console itself feels like it could float on air. Both of these raise an eyebrow as they could break easily by being stepped on or dropped. Lastly, the system comes with composite cables and a S-Video cable. Most televisions now lack S-Video, and look a bit grainy with composite cables on HDTVs. Possibly including an option for component cables to make the games look a bit more crisp would have been a good touch.

A big offering in terms of separating itself from the competition is the ability to play Game Boy Advance games via a separate adapter. As of this time, there is no option to purchase this on the Innex website, and at initial announcement of this console last year, the adapter was marked as TBD. The ability to buy link cables and play multiplayer is noted as being an option once this comes out.

The console can be pre-ordered here for $69.99. Honestly, to this reviewer, this is a bit steep for such a fragile machine. Also, not to mention, the competition can normally be picked up for between $30-$40 brand new. Yes the controller option is really cool, but it might not be worth the difference for some people. If the GBA adapter ever does hit the market, it was announced as being $39.99. Totaling the price, each system individually would cost under $30 a piece, so that would be something to keep in mind.