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Inline skating with MapMyRun

MapMyRun app


Have you tried MapMyRun? It's a fantastic free app that you can download to your android phone and use while you're out skating.

Meant primarily for runners, it will allow you to track activities such as running, walking, cycling and more. Just choose the type of activity (running is probably the closest approximation to skating) and press the start button as you begin. Taking a stretch break or water break along your route? You can pause the app at any time while you're out on the trail.

Here are some cool features:

  • It's GPS based so it can tell you route specifics such as distance, elevation/grade changes and average speed.
  • It saves your sessions so you can look back and compare your routes and performance, and also see your total distance covered to date.
  • It integrates popular routes other people have tried, so if you're sick of the usual places you can search for some new ones near you.

Don't forget to try it with your friends! You can share workout details with each other to stay motivated.