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Injecting Strangers presents: Nightmare Nancy. A review by Marcus Dayton Bailey

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EP by Injecting Strangers


Injecting Strangers is an interesting taste of Cincinnati, Ohio’s adventurous side. A troupe of endowed goons and jesters who have come to the Chicago – Land Area to push their EP, “Nightmare Nancy”. Injecting Strangers is a quintet of theatricality, with each member bringing a seasoned skill set to the group’s overall light hearted music. One of the members was kind enough to give me a copy of “Nightmare Nancy” and a wicked awesome button for free!
The EP has three tracks. Each track is less than four minutes long. The first single, entitled “Lucky” has all the characteristics of a Quentin Tarantino movie or the Beach Boys discovering the joys of automatic weapons. Tracks 2 is entitled “Nightmare Nancy Part 1” and the last track is “Nightmare Nancy Part 2. The band stays true to classic rock formula, using guitar, bass, and drums. Because each member has their own respective perspective on their rock preferences and a lot of bodies in the band, Injecting Strangers easily incorporates a spanning timeline of sub genres, instruments, and vocals into their sound. The end result produces an explanation of a tsunami style relationship with this woman named Nancy. There is a nameless bonus track, a stripped down ukulele and vocals, with a dash of accordian. An unexpected loop thrower to complete this theatre production of audio.
Injecting Strangers is Richard Ringer (vocals), Peter Foley ( guitar/ back up vocals), Chase Leonard (drums), Aaron Disney (guitars/synth/back up vocals), and Dylan Oseas ( Bass/ back up vocals). Injecting Strangers is giving their EP, “Nightmare Nancy” away as a free down load on their website. Please click the links below to download and learn more about Injecting Strangers.!home/c1vp3