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NxNutrio, tool for special dietary requirements
NxNutrio, tool for special dietary requirements
Lara Holland



It was on day 2 of a 4- day allergic reaction illness, I laid in bed angry and frustrated, looking for a perfect solution. Managing allergic living and special dietary requirements is not easy when you are on the go, like me, all the time. Analyzing every soap, every lotion, every sub ingredient, every laundry detergent is time consuming, depressing and like searching for a needle in a hay stack to find one that's safe. Just because it's labeled, "all natural" "hypoallergenic" "sulfate free" or whatever other marketing scheme might seem like it should be safe, doesn't mean it is.

I researched 100 different phrases trying to find the perfect application to help those suffering with major allergens & special dietary requirements, streamline life on the go. I recalled a support meeting for people like me, with all of us struggling to find safe non-food products as well as safe food products. We recited all the times we'd discovered our allergens in non-food products and "hidden" food allergens in food products. Words like caramel flavoring, natural flavors, spices, citric acid, often scare me.

First of all, all of my allergens are to natural things, in fact most of us with allergens are allergic to natural things, you know things like soy, peanuts, tree nut, shellfish, egg, fish, sesame, orange, milk, wheat, coconut, corn. I need an app on the go that I don't have to spend hours cross referencing what Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (derived from coconut), and the other 20 ingredients I can't properly pronounce to see if I'm allergic to them.

NxtNutrio, is not perfect, but it could be helpful to many with non-common ingredient restrictions or special dietary requirements. My goal is to work with them to help them better understand the needs of the market and make improvements to step it up a notch. I know many of my readers and followers struggle with over 20 allergens every day and many are not what the FDA has deemed "top 8" and required to be listed on food packaging. We can continue to request the FDA mandate and enforce all products be listed in plain english and all ingredients be disclosed- thereby banning use of "natural flavors," but in the meantime we will continue to look for solutions like NxtNutrio & Fooducate

NxtNutrio is an app available for smartphones, android ($2.99) and i-phone (4.99).

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