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InfuseLearning: Freely pushes content to student devices


There may be no such thing as a free lunch. But when it comes to the ability for teachers to send and receive class content, such as attendance, quizzes, and polls, a hearty gratis meal awaits each at This amazing application like Website was recently showcased at the 6th Annual e-Cornucopia 2014 Conference, June 13th, at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan., ready to push content to your students

Conference Organizer Diane Underwood and staffers Matt Switlick, Nic Bongers, John Coughlin, Shaun Moore, and Eric Merrill, orchestrated a great day that showcased classroom technology and electronic pedagogy. Among the many great breakout sessions stood Andrew Steinman’s, Infuse Student Engagement and Assessment using InfuseLearning. Participants were asked to take out any number of handy Internet devices such as an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. Many schools are now encouraging students to use their cell phones in class, such as the example in the accompanying video.

Steinman (@steinman) of Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids, then told everyone to navigate to the Website and provided a passcode, allowing each to join. Eager participants stood ready as Steinman pushed a simple true and false quiz to each device. One second later, he had successfully engaged and documented their feelings. With this striking example, it was clear InfuseLearning could be used for many purposes, a complement to any on-site or blended learning class.

I was immediately intrigued and soon set up my own free account. As I played with the many features I soon found the tool lived up to all of its mantra’s including Bridging the Gap, Breaking Down the Language Barrier, Simple, Yet Beautiful, and Brings Us All Together. For example, according to the first, “Infuse Learning provides a platform by which teachers can seamlessly engage every student on any device. Make informed decisions at the point of instruction with real-time, student feedback,” it was clear the interactions provided freedom to either elicit anonymity or celebrate the diversity of opinions.

The 7th Annual e-Cornecopia will be held Friday, June 12th, 2015. Emily Waszak and myself were grateful to visit such relevant classroom technology sessions as well as showcase our own, Using WordPress Blogs for Essay Draft and Thesis Analysis. We highly recommend the conference to all teachers, staff, and administrators who are working diligently to include viable classroom technologies.

Are you ready for a free lunch? Great! Why not stop by today? Your hearty appetite to push class content is waiting to be satisfied! When you’re full from experimenting, feel free to let readers know what class meal you served.