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Information Society returns with '_hello world'

Information Society's "_hello world" album


Fans of synth pop and New Wave will be delighted by the return of Information Society’s original, founding line up - Paul Robb on synths, Kurt Larson as vocalist, and James Cassidy on bass and keyboards.

Information Society's "_hello world" album cover
Information Society

Information Society, or InSoc as the group is better known, are coming back with a bang to release their latest album entitled _hello world. It’s a record that marks a return to the classic New Wave/electronic/synthpop sound that InSoc pioneered in the 80s, but also interestingly, and somewhat paradoxically, grounds itself in the futuristic vibe of dance and ever-evolving computer technology.

The first single from _hello world, “Land of the Blind,” is a perfect introduction to what listeners can expect from the latest InSoc installation. It’s got a catchy intro and chorus and finds that perfect balance between anthemic and lively that ultimately makes for a very memorable track.

“The Prize” is definitely the most fun song on the album. It pairs Arnold Schwarzenegger samples from Total Recall (“Get your ass to Mars!”) with Daft Punk-esque synths to result in a tune that is sure to appeal to film buffs and space geeks alike.

Also of note is the Devo cover song “Beautiful World,” which features actual Devo vocalist Gerald V Casale. Not only is the song a spirited re-working of the original track, but it’s also a loving tribute to the group that inspired and influenced InSoc as a whole.

At times, _hello world is reminiscent of Depeche Mode, The Faint, and even VNV Nation, but it’s clear that Information Society has not lost what made them unforgettable in years past. _hello world is an animated and noteworthy retro-future mash-up that is sure to grab the attention of fans of 80s nostalgia as well as aficionados of modern electronic dance music.

_hello world is slated for release on September 23, 2014 via HAKATAK International/MVD and a national tour is also in the works.

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