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Razor for sensitive skin

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin Razor


Hey Dolls!
So in December I signed up to become an Influenster on With running this blog and my Youtube channel I was accepted and invited to take surveys to narrow my interests. Based on my answers they have collected they are able to match me up with a VoxBox that seems to meet my interests IF they have anything available at the time.

In my box I received the Venus Embrace for Sensitive Skin. Now I have reviewed razors before, but this was the first one specifically for sensitive skin. Compared to the BIC Soleil Savvy Razor, I would have to hand this one over to Venus. The BIC razor is a great product for someone on a budget- it also has a moisture strip for dry skin. BUT the Venus Embrace razor is definitely worth the price you would pay for it. The packaging is super cute and I love the color of everything. The blades are replaceable [as were the BIC ones] and easy to remove and re-attach.

I have been using this product the past month and I absolutely love it. It is convenient, has a nice grip to it and leaves my skin silky smooth. I have not noticed irritation or dryness to my skin. If you disagree as to whether or not that is attributed to the razor, you could also try changing the type of shaving cream/soap you use.

Overall I give this product a 3 out of 5 stars. Simply because I would not go out of my price range for this particular product. If you have extremely sensitive skin I would give this a shot. If not, stick to your budget and invest in a shaving cream that will sooth your skin.