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Indow Windows Blackout Panels

Indow Windows


Do you work odd hours? Swing shifts? Have a new baby in the house? Get wicked migraines? Maybe you just don't sleep very well. If you have tried everything and are at your wit's end, I suggest looking into Indow Windows. They are the makers of blackout panels that fit over your existing windows to create a darkened room and sleeping experience. Experience staff will make an appointment to come into your home and measure your windows, and created custom-fitted panels for you that will fit perfectly. This perfect fit is all due to a special compression tube which squeezes around the acrylic panel to fit snugly.

Bonus- they will help keep out drafts and noise. Keep sound out, your heat and air conditioning in (keeping your room the right temperatures and your bills down as well), and sleep better.

Indow panels are available in 21 states from authorized dealers, as well as in select stores in the USA and parts of Canada. Check out your options at