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'Indigenous Fine Art Market' at Santa Fe Railyard was success 2014.

"Indigenous Fine Art Market" 2014


The first annual “Indigenous Fine Art Market” (IFAM) 2014 looked to be a success at the Santa Fe Railyard. It ran from Aug. 21-23, 2014. The third & final day was Saturday Aug. 23. It was a beautiful day at the railyard as art fans flocked from the opening of the “Santa Fe Indian Market” (SFIM).

IFAM - Day 3
Roscoe Pond

As Roscoe Pond walked around the artisan booth's taking pictures. The word amongst the fans was that they liked the IFAM idea. They have more to choose from regarding the new emerging native artists in the southwest.

IFAM added 300 artist's on Saturday to the over the 1200 SFIM artists at the downtown Santa Fe Plaza. There were approximately 650 SFIM booths not including the unofficial booths outside the plaza. IFAM attracted a considerable amount of fans as well as native artists who want to sell their new works. If you planned to see every artist. You had to get up pretty early to cover the entire plaza & its' lined streets. Then, walk over to the railyard.

IFAM brought new ideas in regards to entertainment at their main-stage. The native talent consisted of not just traditional flute or drum performers. They brought in Rap artists, break dancers & bands that performed blues, rock & popular music. The DJ experience was spectacular as well. It just wasn't something you see at SFIM.

The SFIM has a popular fashion show filled with traditional aspects. IFAM brought in those fashion designers who think out-of-the-box in terms of how contemporary natives can wear modern clothes. The “prismatic” fashion show was a great example of fusing modern clothes with native elements that made native women look outstanding. They aren't stuck in the past or trapped inside the traditional bubble.

There were many events to choose from during both Indian markets. Infact, there was too many events. Needless to say, IFAM opened its' first annual market with a bang. The public responded by attending in droves at the Santa Fe Railyard. The question is, “Can IFAM get any bigger?” The answers may a resounding “yes.” See you next year 2015.

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