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Indie Urban gospel music kingdom messenger Nikeya Young the 'Victorious One'

Victorious One


Being the "Victorious One", Nikeya Young defies the status quo. Her debut album definitely represents those that tend to slip through the cracks in the gospel industry that have been saturated with cookie-cutter songs. Nikeya is on her journey to spread her kingdom message to the world.

Nikeya Young "Victorious One"
Nikeya Young, R Price Music Group, Victorious One, Urban Gospel, Indie Artist

Don't get it twisted behind the hip-hop, urban and house tracks, Nikeya has embedded a message of hope. Her music reaches out to those who feel like they have been beat up by life because they may not be the prettiest, most talented or as successful as others. On her title track "Victorious One", Nikeya sets the record straight on who she's representing. With its militant drum beats and repetitive lyrical overdubs assimilating the march of troops going out to do battle, she sounds the "war cry" to prepare for spiritual battle against principalities that are destine to overthrow even the most savvy believer. On the track, "ET", she tackles "taboo" topics such as adultery and it features Holy Hip Hop artist, King David Da Vessel. While you may get your dance on to the House track "Get Yo Mind Right", you're guaranteed to learn some scriptures to renew your mind. Just as Nikeya's multifaceted career of singing, writing, acting and modeling, she switches gears and slows it down with the uplifting R&B laced track "You".

Nikeya Young is carving out her niche in the gospel community. As in anyone's career and life, there's always room from improvement. While Nikeya navigates the music jungle she'll run into some bumps, but I believe her foundation is secure in who she is. Tightening up on her sound and surrounding herself with key people that will enhance her journey, I look forward to hearing more music from her in the future.

Purchase Nikeya's music on iTunes and on other media outlets. Also, subscribe to her YouTube channel.