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Indie Game Review: Splatter: Blood Red Edition

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Splatter: Blood Red Edition


Splatter: Blood Red Edition is a rerelease of “Splatter” a top down zombie shooter. Games like Dead Nation created a lot of hype for the zombie killing genre of gaming, but Splatter does something new with zombies. Throws them into a pseudo-noir universe. You don't see many games like this in terms of atmosphere these days and I find it refreshing with zombies. The game has it's issues but the final product is rather solid.

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Max discovers the world as he knows it has fallen, and it is overrun with monsters that stop at nothing to kill anything that moves. He realizes there is nothing left for him in this world so he sets off to find out just what exactly happened.

Splatter is a game that has a surprising story. You rarely expect a top down shooter to have something to offer in this regard. Especially since the zombie genre is riddled with asshole NPCs and supporting characters, it is shocking to see survivors part with ammo, weapons, health etc despite not having much themselves. The story shows the good side of humanity as opposed to the bad side. I thought I had seen it all with zombie stories, I am happy to say I was proven wrong.

The combat is pretty straightforward, you have guns, you shoot zombies, you get to the end of the level. A mechanic that is fun to mess with is the flares. Instead of being attracted to these items, zombies are afraid of the harsh light. By using these you can fend off massive hordes without endangering yourself too much.

As you progress through the 16 story oriented levels you will come across money, guess what you use this for? Upgrades. All of your weapons can be upgrades and it shows. Sure the picture changes, but the way the gun behaves is also noticeable. When you upgrade the pistol once or twice you notice how much better it is. The same goes for all the weapons, which are rather conventional. Every weapon has their own level of CC and kill potential. Every gun except the pistol has ammo, so the level of ammunition management is present.

My current issue with Splatter: Blood Red Edition is the visuals. While the cutscenes have a cool black and white realism mixed wit a comic book presentation, the in game visuals are sort of sloppy. When you kill hordes of zombies, it looks like a huddled mess of reds and greens. I understand it is supposed to look gross, but it doesn't blend well enough for it to look cool. The level design is rather good and there are some secret rooms that reward you with varying trinkets and goodies.

In addition to the story mode there is Co-Op, PvP, and an Arcade mode so the replay value in this regard is rather high. The game is somewhat challenging to look at though. I appreciate the new story elements to the zombie killing genre and the combat itself flows really well. I give Splatter: Blood Red Edition a 7/10. You can pick it up on Steam now.