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Indie Game Review: Shattered Planet

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Shattered Planet


Shattered Planet is a roguelike turn-based RPG. The thing about roguelikes is that they are typical challenging and are heavy on exploration. There is a high risk high reward factor with the genre and that is what gamers seem to like the most. Shattered Planet has an interesting was of developing your character while also punishing you heavily for dying. It feels like the game is always working against you.

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Explore a dangerous planet that's different every time and try to survive! The Galactic Union's job for you is clear: research the alien wildlife, for science!

That's the mission, fill out your compendium of alien knowledge through collecting spoils from defeated monsters, befriending them, or by romancing them (?). The roguelike is a peculiar breed breed of videogame. We have the basic roguelike such as Binding of Isaac and Cave Story, but then the odd games out are like Guided Fate Paradox, not only are they turn-based, but take place on a grid. Shattered Planet utilizes the turn-based element very well when combined with randomly generated dungeons. Mainly because it becomes so unpredictable. Creatures you fought on distance 4 will be different two runs from now etc.

The gameflow is simple. Explore the area, find the teleporter, explore the new level, find the teleporter, rinse repeat until your character dies. Back at base, you spend your crystals on new equipment and use scrap metal to increase the stats of your character then you start a new mission. This is the basic consensus for Shattered Planet, while it is crazy repetitive, there are some different missions to take on that are very challenging. One appears daily and you get to keep the equipment if you complete it. Other missions involve hunting a monster for discovering a new tribe of creatures. The random levels and diverse enemies make the game fun instead of a chore.

You can play as multiple races as your science compendium becomes riddled with information. Every race has a different perk that is beneficial to your mission. The catch is that every race starts at level 1 so after you have been playing for 15 hours with one character, starting over from square one seems a bit daunting. Mainly because dying is so punishing. You lose all of your equipment on death and you cannot get it back. So that 5 star helmet and sword you just got in base; you will probably never use it because you don't want to lose it.

Shattered Planet is the right kind of challenging but it has a very slow start. To be honest, that is a recurring problem with any kind of RPG. If you like this genre of game, I highly suggest you pick up Shattered Planet. The random levels and bright art style keep the game interesting the more you play it. I give Shattered Planet an 8/10. You can get it on Steam now.