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Indie Game Review: Munin

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Munin is an interesting little game that appeared in my inbox. I had seen to press releases for it or anything. It sort of just showed up from Daedelic Entertainment. It was a puzzle game based on the Norse Pantheon and I feel like gaming needs to get off the Greek Mythology bandwagon and branch out a bit. Nonetheless, Munin seemed like a game I would play, I love me some puzzles.

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Munin is all about logic puzzles. You must take your character and collect the raven feathers to progress to the next level. By doing so you must combine the usable of simple platforming and rotating your environment around to make the feathers accessible. This seems like an incredibly simple idea, and it is. But the levels are designed so well that not only is the game challenging and though provoking, it also looks freaking awesome when the worlds gets turned on it's side.

The art is great, the musical score is lovely to listen to, and the game is great to play when waiting for a queue to pop in another game or even while you are on hold on the phone. However, that is about all it has to offer. The game has plenty of levels to play but do not expect a long and drawn out game that lasts hundreds of hours. It is a simple puzzle game, nothing more and nothing less.

If you like to stimulate your brain muscle, Munin is a great way to do that. You can pick it up on Steam now. I give Munin a 9/10. The game is pretty original with all of the complex puzzle games on the market right now. It gets a surprisingly large amount of praise from me.