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Indie Game Review: Anomaly Defenders

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Anomaly Defenders


The Anomaly series has gained a lot of new fans when Anomaly Warzone Earth hit home consoles. Since then, we have gotten new iterations of older titles like Anomaly Korea on the PC. The game has pioneered a new way to play Tower Defense, as the invading force coining the term “Tower Offense”. Anomaly 2 brought us by far the best of both worlds with a new way to play as the humans and multiplayer, allowing you to play as the towers. With a lot of replay value and a really interesting story, it is rather hard to think they could out do themselves after Anomaly 2. To tell you the truth, that is correct. Anomaly 2 was the best game in the series, but Anomaly Defenders gives you a whole game from a different perspective, you play full time as the aliens.

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The human counterattack is underway and the alien homeworld is under threat. Defend the planet from the human scum in the final battle of the series.

The story itself is pretty standard except now you get to see and experience the final fight as the aliens. It is cool, but nothing drastically different to where it needs to win awards. It is enough to keep you from skipping the cutscenes.

The gameplay is oddly generic for what this series is known for. Anomaly 2 brought us a constantly changing environment with the transforming machines on the human side. But as the towers, it plays like every other tower defense game. You place your starting towers, upgrade them, and win the level. After you get points to spend on a rather large tech tree to make your towers better, or give you special powers to repair or enhance your towers during levels.

What makes this game stand out from other TD games is how you can influence the path the humans take. You have a structure called Harvesters. These give you a steady amount of cash as long as there is moneyto harvest. You can harvest more by upgrading the building. Humans will prioritize these structures first, you by placing them you can adjust your gameplay to sending the humans down a winding pathway with buildings they can't see around etc. As the game progresses you will have to be quick on your feet with learning which harvesters are being targeted and which ones have taken enough damage to where the humans start ignoring them. The level designs get more and more clever as the game nears it's end.

Other than that the game plays enough like a standard TD game. It doesn't throw many complicated gameplay mechanics out at you through the whole campaign and sadly the game lacks replay value. As a final installment to the Anomaly series, it falls flat and leaves you wanting that unique gameplay experience that Warzone Earth and Anomaly 2 gave you. I give Anomaly Defenders for the PC a 7/10. You can purchase it on Steam now.