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'India Was One' a captivating romantic thriller

India Was One


The novel India Was One by An Indian tells the epic love story of a couple who are victimized by the political environment of a divided India. The author creates an intriguing alternate history that tests the power of love and determination when politics threatens the happiness of two human beings. Jai and Kaahi return to India after several years in America. Tragically, they discover that the nation has been divided into North India and South India. The worst part is when the couple becomes separated, with Jai trapped in the South and Kaahi trapped in the North.

India is really another character in this story. The culture, heritage and people of India are explored in-depth, leaving readers who are less than familiar with the nation with a valuable knowledge of this mysterious and fascinating country.

The story travels back and forth in time between the couple’s current battle to be together and the backstory of their relationship, including their college years in Mumbai and their time living in America.

This fast-paced, action-packed read draws the reader in quickly and holds their attention. The book is part romance, part thriller and part adventure. The author’s descriptive skills are excellent, painting an amazingly vivid and detailed portrait of characters, atmosphere and events. In addition to descriptive language, the book also includes some very good illustrations by Darshini.

The romantic elements of this story are compelling and handled with exquisite tenderness, touching the heart and soul of the reader. The action scenes are full of excitement. The fact that the novel combines genres so effectively makes this a book that a wide range of readers would appreciate.

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