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Independent film speaks to the problem of drinking and mental illness

A film which speaks to drinking and mental illness
A film which speaks to drinking and mental illness
Yogesh Sharma 9D Academy

The Caller, independent film from India


If you have become a regular follower of Novella Showcase (and we hope you have) you may remember a film which aired July 26, 2014. This film is a taut horror, thriller about a young man’s progressive schizophrenia. It is entitled The Caller Coming in at a total length of 16+ minutes, it appeared toward the end of this episode.

In this film a phone call awakens the film’s young protagonist. The voice insists that he knows everything about Karan (played by Dikshant Sharma), how much he sleeps, how much he drinks, who is friends are, where he goes jogging every morning. Karan does not recognize the voice. It is derides Karan for drinking and sleeping too much and then engages Karan in a game. Insistent calling makes it plain that Karan does not have choice. The caller calls Karan on the cell, and when Karan disconnects, calls him on his landline. Then it finally texts Karan. The caller knows Karan’s every move.

Shot completely in black and white which lends an eerie air to the film, with a superb pacing this film draws you (the viewer) in as it leads to dramatic conclusion. Spoken in Hindi, but translated with English subtitles, this film loses nothing in the translation.

Directed by our friend Yogesh Sharma, produced by Rekah Sharma ,a 9D Production in association with 9D Academy, starring Dikshant Sharma. Yogesh is an independent film maker and faculty member in editing at Xaviers Institute of Communication, • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

This is but one of Yogesh Sharma’s numerous films we will be airing in upcoming episodes of Novella We are following Yogesh Sharma because we feel he is one of the rising stars of international filmmaking. We will also be airing the films of his film students as they become available.

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