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Pics of INAZUMA live at the Cinema Bar in Culver City, CA
Pics of INAZUMA live at the Cinema Bar in Culver City, CA
ROCKwell UnScene/Rockwell Anderson Media, LLC



INAZUMA is what you get when the Far East and West Coast Rockabilly collide. INAZUMA is a Japanese Rockabilly band. Yes you read that right. This 3 piece Samurai Rock 'n 'Roll/Japanese Rockabilly/Punk band will Amaze you with their sound and on stage performance.

INAZUMA live at the Cinema Bar in Culver City
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

The Cinema Bar in Culver City was the spot that I first saw this most unusual yet brilliant music ensemble ever. After seeing over 400 different bands last year, I thought I had seen all there was to see, but this band proved me wrong. Curiosity alone drove me to check them out. The rumble on the street about them is that they are a must see. So I bit.

Imagine 3 young Japanese adults dressed in Rockabilly attire, a stand up bass, a beautiful white & gold Gretsch guitar, and bodies covered in ink. Now imagine that same band being straight out of Japan and hitting the West Coast (U.S.A.) Rockabilly circuit. That my friends is INAZUMA. I was more than pleased when the set started. The energy and just plain great musicianship of this band made me a fan from the start.

Performing songs that made a Irish looking ginger in overalls get up and scream for more was just one of the ways this crowd warmly embraced INAZUMA. Followed by that was the crowd participation portion of the show where we chanted “INAZUMA - ROCK 'n ROLL!”. If you want to know the rest you will just have to make it to a INAZUMA show. You will surely get off your stools and on the dance floor for this band. Until then enjoy some photos to recap the night. As always support local music, you never know what you will get.

Written by: Melissa Anderson, ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

Photo's by: ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine