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In 'Wrecked' Josie Gray must solve a kidnapping and a murder

Wrecked by Tricia Fields


In "Wrecked", third book in the Josie Gray mystery series, Dillon Reese, the accountant boyfriend of chief of police Josie Gray is kidnapped and his secretary is murdered by an odd shot fired from an extreme angle. Left behind is an odd Santa Muerte pendant and a mystery. Why was Dillon and his secretary targeted? Because Josie is dating Dillon, she appoints Otto, another officer to run the investigation, but it chafes. The Santa Muerte medal leads the officers to suspect a Mexican connection. Josie, however, suspects that there is Dillon was target because she had a run in with a Mexican cartel in an earlier book. Its not that simple.

When the kidnappers show Dillon Reese off, the cops hear the word "wrecked" and suspect that it might be a clue. It leads to Wally Follet, the owner of a junkyard on the border of Mexico, who the feds suspect has been smuggling stolen cars into Mexico. When Josie visits she finds that Wally is on the run and that his teenage son Nick is all alone there.

Then Josie gets a ransom demand from the cartel, they want $9,000,000 for Dillon. Dilllon is in a bad place and way. It's an absurd sum for him. She does not have that money. Josie has to hire an experienced kidnapping specialist, who uses his expertise to help Josie.

But the cops also think maybe Nick knows something more. Was Wally Follet involved in something else. Nick does finger others ultimately and reveals that his father has violated the cardinal rule of dealing with a cartel. HE STOLE FROM THEM.

Josie needs to find Wally before the cartel kills Dillon. But she also needs to free Dillon. The key is to work the case, find who were Wally's partners and track them down. Wally is on the run, but Nick is still there. Would even a hardened criminal leave his son to a Mexican cartel.

It is an involved mystery and worth a read.