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In with the old--out with the new! ... in "Vegas, the Musical"

Vegas the Show


The magic of this city, Las Vegas, is clearly felt throughout the show, in David Saxe's production of "Vegas, The Show." It is a nostalgic revue down memory lane, bringing me back to the Las Vegas of my childhood, a gentler, simpler time, the glory days of Vegas, delving into the rich, golden history in a music driven spectacular extravaganza. The notion of 'In with the new, out with the old" is popular all over the world, the fantasy that by eradicating the old fashioned, you'll improve your life and luck. However, quite simply, many of the old memories and sentimental icons of vintage Vegas were timeless, classics we'll never encounter again.

This show is a semblance of what was.... some of the most iconic performers and singers (by a most talented ensemble of impersonators) are featured, including the Rat Pack themselves (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin); Wayne Newton; Elvis Presley; Elton John; Sonny and Cher; and Siegfried and Roy. The magic of reminiscing these more innocent times seems to be an 'easy fix,' the reason we all visit Las Vegas: to 'come on, be happy, forget all our troubles and cares...' The true allure of Vegas and all the glitz and glamour it entails is this magic and supposedly quick fix. As one is transfixed on the music and dance onstage, one's life does seem to change, as one dreams of winning big... a chance to dream and escape reality, if only for two hours.

Vegas, the Show brings out one's imagination, and even one's inner child, especially with the most showy, sexy, and salivating number, "The Candy Man," where showgirls, almost burlesque, pose and dance in various candy wrapper banners, such as 'tootsie roll,' 'kit kat' and 'mounds.' Come see Vegas, the Show, and witness the evolution of some of the most intrinsic elements of this exciting town.

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