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'In The Line Of Fire (1993)' Movie review: With honor

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In The LIne Of Fire (1993)


Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) is a Secret Service Agent who is waiting for his partner Al D'Andrea (Dylan McDermott) to pick him up. They are headed to a marina to arrest a counterfeiter. While there things go wrong. Al is captured and tied up. Frank is ordered to shoot Al as he has been found out to be an agent. The gun jams but in the process of the confusion Frank is able to shoot two of the bodyguards and captures the counterfeiter.

Frank and Al are later ordered to investigate a suspicious tenant by the name of Joseph McCrawley (John Malkovich). When they arrive they see a shrine of paraphernalia consisting of pictures of attempted Presidential assassinations, included is John F. Kennedy's assassination of which Frank was part of the Secret Service detail.

That night Frank is contacted by this McCrawley who tells him that he intends to kill the current President. The next morning Frank goes to his superior Sam Campagna (John Mahoney) and lets him know what has happened and that he thinks this is not a hoax. Wire taps are ordered and it's on. We have a nut case going after the President. Agent Lilly Raines (Rene Russo) is brought in on the case. At first she thinks Frank is charming then she gets to know him and is able to see through the bravado. Others think Frank is just too old to handle this case. It is also brought up that he is one of the agents who has lost a President under their detail. It doesn't look good.

McCrawley in a way resurrects Frank's career by bringing him into the case. Little by little McCrawley leaves a trail for Frank to follow, until the ultimate showdown occurs.

Director Wolfgang Petersen brings us a great little tale of redemption in this movie. Yes, Frank did not take the bullet for Kennedy but will he take the one now. Is Frank man enough to give his life for his President? Watch the movie and find out. Will Frank redeem himself in his and others eyes.