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In memory of culinary sensation Julia Child, 'Julie & Julia' is delightful

Julie & Julia Movie Poster
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Julie & Julia


Romance and nostalgic moments of dramatic humor abound in this wonderful movie, as the great Meryl Streep recreates a witty characterization of the late Julia Child. Filmed in the grand style of a bygone era with utmost charm, the movie intersperses elements of black and white photography for an authentic glimpse of the past, as we drift back to the antiquated landscape of Europe. It is the year 1949, and Mrs. Child resides with her dear husband Paul Stanley Tucci who is a diplomat, and indefinitely stationed in Paris. Unsure of what to do in her spare time, it occurs to Julia that she might become a gourmet cook. This idea materializes and she is catapulted into the culinary world, where in collaboration with pioneering women who share a passion for pleasing the palette, she publishes a well received cookbook.

Fast forward to present day New York where a young couple has just settled into their new apartment. Julie Amy Adams is a frustrated writer who also happens to be a superb cook, and aspires to someday be like Julia Child. Her husband, Eric Chris Messina simply adores his adventurous wife despite her occasional temperament, and habitually devours Julie's delicious gourmet dinners. At some point he encourages her to write a blog about her love for fine cooking; when she does, Julie's life quickly changes and she soon creates her first cookbook based on Julia Child's recipes.

The story is structured in double narrative form and depicts separate love lives that span a period of approximately fifty years. It's amazing that the two women never cross paths except for one brief coincidence through a literary agent, when Julie's creative potential is in full bloom. Apart from that incident their worlds remain separate, though they seem to share a spiritual connection in their passion for life, exquisite food, and devotion to their spouses. An interesting and enjoyable film, Julie & Julia is available online, in Chicago area libraries and movie stores.