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In 'Kill Fee', Stevens and Windermere join forces to stop a contract killer

Kill Fee by Owen Laukkanen


Owen Laukkanen has established himself as a writer to read with original plots and diabolical villains. His police investigations are action packed engrossing reads featuring the unusual pairing of Minnesota State Investigator Kirk Stevens and FBI special agent Carla Windermere, who must find the killers before they strike again. His debut novel, "The Professionals" erudite businessmen who get into the kidnapping racket was a tour de force. His last book, "Criminal Enterprise" explored a bank robber's descent into evil, when he tries to keep up his lifestyle after being laid off from his job.

In "Kill Fee", Owen Laukkanen's latest cop - crime thriller, Stevens and Windermere, are at lunch when they witness the assassination of a billionaire. Although Stevens and Windermere give chase they cannot capture the dead eyed assassin.

A few days later, the billionaire's cousin is also killed.

What is the connection?

Stevens, the cop with golden instincts, is tasked by his boss, to protect the family and find out how the two men died. The investigation is complicated by the fact that the two men have nothing in common. He and Windermere join forces and try to track the killer before he strikes again. There are showdowns in Miami and clues at rental car spots.

Laukkanen does not completely depend on suspense. These novels are about both the criminals and the cops. So we soon meet the assassin's shrewd employer, a diabolical businessman, who has started a murder for hire business. His killers --young soldiers fresh from the Iraq War, who he molds and tortures until they are little more than unapologetic killers.

But Lind, his current killer for hire, is starting to feel something. He has met a girl, who cooks him spaghetti.

Laukkanen, also explores in more depth the uneasy relationship between the married Stevens, who loves his wife, and the single and beautiful Windermere, who are attracted to each other. This relationship forms the emotional heart of the novel, but the main star of this roller coaster ride of a novel is their efforts to find the killers before they strike again.

Can Stevens and Windermere figure out the fiendish plot and track Lind and the businessman before they kill again? Help will come from unexpected quarters, but there will be more bloodshed, murder and plenty of action along the way.

Laukkanen is a writer to enjoy.

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