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In a league of its own: The AM06 Fan by Dyson

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Back when March was coming in like a lion, winds of change were happening at Dyson. Five years after its introduction, an updated and upgraded Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan was released for public consumption. The end result of these tweaks is a fan that consumes 30% less energy than the previous model, and is up to 75% quieter (depending on the model) without hampering its ability to move an remarkable amount of air.

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The Dyson AM06 is a thing of beauty with its modern, sleek form being part and parcel of its overall functionality. In a world where flashy design often takes precedence over actual substance, it is refreshing to see something as extraordinary looking as the AM06 blend the two in such a harmonious manner. In the case of the AM06, its substance and functionality is also the source of its wow-factor.

Beyond its visual appeal, this fan is a marvel of modern engineering. With an input power of just 26 watts and the ability to circulate a surprisingly large amount of air, the AM06 is one of the most efficient freestanding fans on the market today. This is all accomplished by the mixed-flow impeller that is tucked away in the middle of the perforated tube that can pull in about six gallons of air per second and send it up to what Dyson calls the loop amplifier. This loop is where all the magic happens. Looked at in cross section, the loop is designed like an airfoil with the backside of the loop being tighter than the front. As the air passes over the airfoil it creates an area of low pressure directly behind the loop amplifier. This area of low pressure draws air into the column of air being pushed through the loop and the air surrounding the loop is simultaneously entrained by the high pressure column of air exiting the loop. These three sources of air comprise the total airflow which, according to Dyson, is 15 times greater than the six gallons being drawn in by the impeller. Unless my calculator is broken, this means that the AM06 is capable of moving 90 gallons of air per second, and that is seriously impressive.

The handsome and rather restrained design aesthetic coupled with cutting edge technology and a list of handy features like the nifty remote that magnetically docks atop the fan, programmable sleep timer, 10 airflow settings, touch-tilt base, and silent and smooth oscillation makes the AM06 easy to like. The one thing that is not easy to like is its hefty price tag. Three hundred dollars is a lot of money for what Dyson calls a 10-inch desk fan, but as you just read, it is a 10-inch desk fan like no other. Add to that the fact that Dyson had 65 engineers working on the design of this Next Generation of Fans, and that the research and development cost 65 million dollars, the $300 price tag, though still expensive, starts to make sense. For more information about the Dyson AM06 10-inch Desk Fan, click here.

**Full disclosure: This fan was provided at no cost for editorial consideration. To think otherwise would be seriously unrealistic.