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Another capacity crowd for Imagine Dragons at Allstate Arena

Imagine Dragons concert on In The Night tour at Allstate Arena in Chicago


Imagine Dragons have quickly transformed from club artist to major arena headline act, while the vast majority of those shows sold-out during their rapid ascent. They performed one of the last shows on their 2014 "Into the Night Tour" at the Allstate Arena near Chicago on March 13. The tour concludes in Denver tonight. The Naked and Famous provided support with Nico Vega opening the show.

Imagine Dragons perform on their 2014 Into the Night tour at Allstate Arena near Chicago
© Daniel DeSlover -
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons performs at Allstate Arena
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The lights dimmed and an image of the moon began to fill the large, circular video screen centered behind the stage as the capacity crowd roared to life. Imagine Dragons guitarist Wayne Sermon emerged from a haze to present a thick guitar intro upon an abundance of percussion. Vocalist Dan Reynolds eventually appeared and bounced his way through the fog onto the catwalk to lead the crowd through the anthem "Fallen."

After performing "Tiptoe," Reynolds looked humbled and took a moment to address the dynamic crowd. He said, "We played Chicago not too long ago to only 175 fans, we are moved to be playing for so many of you tonight." Indeed, their rise is akin to The Black Keys rampant success, though it took the Akron duo several albums and years of festival appearances but they've remained relevant while other artists have come and gone.

What does a headline artist do to fill a lengthy set with one album of material? Given Imagine Dragons' immense musical talent they perform extended jams, toss in a couple solos on guitar and bass, and generally rock the night away. Sermon's guitar solo was noteworthy as he took to the edge of the catwalk and shredded riffs from his inspirations, Hendrix and Page, into a personalized medley.

There was a single low point on the night. Reynolds mentioned their influences ranged from Paul Simon to Arcade Fire to Rush before they lit into Rush's cult-classic "Tom Sawyer." While they handled the tune musically, a couple years of road wear on Reynolds' voice precluded him from hitting Geddy Lee's vocal highs. Instead, he suffered from cracked vocals as he croaked his way through the song. It should be emphasized that he had no issues with any of their own material.

Reynolds stated that they would be working on their sophomore effort once they get off the road. There's no doubt it'll be one of the more anticipated albums of 2015.

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Imagine Dragons setlist:

Hear Me
It's Time
Who We Are
The River
Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)
Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)
30 Lives
On Top of the World

Bleeding Out
Nothing Left to Say

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