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Image Comics Giant Size Kung Fu Bible Stories review

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Image Comics

Giant-Sized Kung Fu Bible Stories


Image Comics has been delivering some of the best series out there for some time. The majority of their books breath a fresh original take into the industry unlike most out there. Their latest isn’t the normal comic series, but instead an old school, super-sized book like those from years ago. The book, titled Giant-Sized Kung Fu Bible Stories debuted at SDCC to rave reviews and now they are bringing the book to stores for fans to get their hands on it.

The book was inspired by those in the 70s and features a wide variety of stories and pin-ups that are sure to entertain. The idea of this insanely fun book came from Erik Larsen and Bruce Timm who cobbled together a great team of artists including Adam Warren, Tom Scioli, Ryan Ottley, and Andy Kuhn who all bring their own unique storytelling to the book along with some amazing pinups from icon Arthur Adams. The first might be the most fun of them all titled “Secret Crisis on Ultimate Earth” by Bruce Timm, that not only showcases some old school superhero fun, but sports all sorts of easter eggs in the artwork for fans of all comics. The artwork is brilliantly fun and features all the action and fun you can want in a story. Erik Larsen brings his unique storytelling abilities to bring his story “Jack Champion” to life. Everything about it screams old school and serves as a fun origin for a new set of heroes that are itching for their own series. Artist Tom Scioli brings two stories, “Astronomus” and “8-Opus: Destroyer of Worlds” to life with his Kirby-esque style giving the book a classic style that injects the past into the present like only he can. Artist Ryan Ottley brings the fun of childs play and infuses it with some monster fun making for a great original story. The remaining stories do a great job as well, but just aren’t as compelling as the others. That being said, which is obviously a matter of opinion in this genre, the book as a whole is awesome. Everyon’s storytelling is top notch and delivers everything you could possibly want.

Despite the title this book does not sport any bible stories or kung fu and that is what makes this book so fun. It is filled with classic style story telling with each bringing something original to the table like never before. Larsen and Timm have created something special here that will hopefully be the birth of a returning tradition in the industry. In addition let’s hope we get to see more of these characters in the future as all of them deserve more attention.

Be sure to grab your copy of Giant-Sized Kung Fu Bible Stories when it hits stores in September from Image Comics.

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