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If you Snooze you Looze

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Hands down the best breakfast establishment in Colorado, with locations in Boulder, Denver & Fort Collins (Phoenix & San Diego as well), Snooze offers a pop musical thrill for just about anyone that enjoys good music, great food and an awesome environment.

Snooze re-creates the way you think, feel, and ultimately eat breakfast. Established in 2006 by hospitality journeyman turned entrepreneur Jon Schlegel, Snooze welcomes Boulder to a breakfast extravaganza. Imagine breakfast and lunch crafted from scratch recipes focusing on the most elite level ingredients; an environment splattered with energy and pouring over in uniqueness; service blooming with fun and expertise throughout. Snooze's purpose is to provide Colorado with top-notch breakfast and lunch experiences around and they do just a fine job doing so.

'They've hand selected their produce, egg layers, beef builders and cow cousins for their natural, farm raised, free ranging, local (whenever possible) and tasty results. Snooze’s radiant coffee is roasted and flown in directly from Guatemala every week. 'They compost, recycle, use recyclable materials, are carbon neutral, and dedicate a % of each sale to the community.'

My favorite part of this experience is obviously the music; they play my favorite genre and songs that are not just on the radio. It's an A+ that every single staff member at the joint are extremely attractive, friendly and very personable. If you snooze, you will lose out on experiencing this incredible restaurant and bar, but get there early on weekends, because the wait (especially for the patio) is long, but it's definitely worth it.

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