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If You Don't Walk From 'Bullet to the Head' On It's First Act, It's A Fun Ride

Sylvester Stallone Shoots A Saucy Scumbag
Sylvester Stallone Shoots A Saucy Scumbag
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Bullet to the Head (2013)


What a better way to start off the new year than to watch a Stallone movie that no one really remembered from the past year?

Bullet to the Head is a 2013 film starring Sylvester Stallone and Sung Kang based on a 2004 graphic novel. Haven't read the graphic novel so can't compare it to that. The plot is your average run of the mill revenge scenario where the protagonist is set up then seeks revenge and through some sort of circumstances he must team up with his opposite arm of the law.

For the good, it's that after about 25 - 30 minutes in you begin to get a vibe down or some odd feeling deep inside you. As if you're in hell but keep going and as it does it begins to come together as a fun movie. If you pay to watch this on the big screen, it's easy to see why you would be so mad. But as a rental. A pure grimy 80's, 90's movie that you just rented at Blockbuster because you missed it on the big screen, this movie is fun. Not an extreme amount of fun like The Expendables, but more nostalgia goggles on and have your own experience. Also, the soundtrack is great and feels like it would even fit with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans: Extremely Long Title You'll Only Call By It's First Name.

The bad, which is the rest. The directing is pretty poor all around and feels like your typical straight to dvd variety with people either overacting or underacting. The editing is EXTREMELY poor with lines feeling extremely out of place. At one point a character asks to use another character's computer and the one asked replies with "you're cute." then it just cuts to him using a computer with no explanation at all for the line. Not to mention, the film was made for 55 million and though it wasn't a passion project, it still feels extremely high for a film that doesn't look good and doesn't have many explosions. Hope it went to the right pockets to make Expendables 3 great.

The worst part of this film though is the 1st act. Seriously, you need to outlast it if you decide to watch this film. I don't want to spoil it, but it involves a "death" that is then asked about a minute later then cuts back to a minute before showing the "death". Not only that but Stallone is almost doing an imitation of Stallone in the first act, almost self parodying, like Pacino and De Niro lately, with the whole set up looking like one big joke. One extremely bad cheap joke. Not to mention Kang's police character is introduced so poorly that within nearly 2 minutes, they explain almost 15 minutes worth of footage possibly lost. It's as if no one knew what to do with this pile of money and they gave a 13 year old a camera and said "I dunno, do something."

Regardless though, get past the first act of Bullet to the Head and it becomes infinitely more enjoyable. You'll still point out the flaws, but then you get reminded of better movies and maybe that's what it is all about. Bringing back those nostalgic memories form yesteryear reminding the older generation that not all is lost and when you grow older you can still be happy and who you were and show all these confident young bucks up...or it's just a money grab.

As always, that's my opinion, what's yours?