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Idina Menzel's If/Then should be titled Fag Hag the Musical

Will If/Then get nominated for Broadway Global Producer of the Year:
Will If/Then get nominated for Broadway Global Producer of the Year:
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'If/Then' starring Idina Menzel at Richard Rodgers Theatre


Broadway Global shares the scoop on the much anticipated Idina Menzel musical If/Then. For those who know me, my partner is an award winning black Director/Choreographer, who sometimes in the black community may use the "N Word" as endearing terminology... So let me first say "Fag Hag" is not intended to be used in any other way other then endearing! If/Then or "fag hag the musical" will be a huge hit for the endless GLBT community and 487k arts lovers that follow Idina Menzel, now that John Travalta's epic blunder introducing Idina as Adele Dazeem during the Academy Awards has brought attention to the Broadway star, and her Oscar winning song from Frozen. So "Let it Go" fag hags and let us move on to If/Then.

Fag hags have a very special relationships with Gay men, because they are attracted to those men that focus on career and style. Those strong women see the importance of having a great job, while still having the same qualities in dress, attitude and relationships. If/Then is a story about Idina Menzel (Elizabeth) that has a very close relationship with Anthony Rapp (Lucas). Call it a relationship if you wish, the musical allows you to see dream sequences of the two ending up in a relationship at moments, but also offers many If/Then choices of relationships, from what if I gave into the bosses sex advances, to what if I married a hot military man...?

The songs are mostly pop ballads, with so you think you can dance style hip hop posing movements. The music and dance bring a modern feel to the contemporary story and a new Broadway musical, not produced on stage from a safe film box office investment. If/Then will never be a Wicked success for Idina Menzel or any star they could cast in the role. The story may be interesting for those in relationships wishing to see, what "If" I had met or dated one person rather than the person I married... "Then" you see what would have played out, so "If"/"Then" its a concept, a gimmick musical. Will it do well at the theatre box office? Only time will tell, but you should support it just for being original material. The audience bought into it, they gave the talented cast a wonderful standing ovation. When I asked the teenager next to me if If/Then was one of her favorite musicals, she said "no, I like Billy Elliot". The age that one would think may buy into purchasing the If/Then ticket might not be the age the one would guess to embrace this new musical.

"The best lines and vocals come from LaChance (Katie) who you all remember in The Color Purple. LaChance is one of Broadway's modern day brat pack so to speak, a gifted black actress that we all hope future new works will be created for and highlight her talents in new Broadway projects!" Broadway Global. Jason Tam (David) is the eye candy with voice to match, playing the lover of Anthony Rapp. Thank you Broadway producers for casting ethnic artists in a lead roles. Jerry Dixon (Stephen) as Idina's Boss who also has the smooth sex appeal in voice and looks, that gives casting an "A Plus" for casting another talented black artist. Jean Colella (Anne) is the Ellen Degeneres type role with a wonderful pop voice playing LaChance partner. James Snyder (Josh) plays the military husband of Idina Menzel and he captures the hearts of Americans who may have family or love ones serving their country. James plays the role will grace, making Idina and his role one of the three hottest couples now on Broadway, joining the lead couples in Rocky and Bridges of Madison County.

The Book by Brian Yorkey is confusing, but the lyrics are what one would hope for from a new musical, similar to Rent like songs. Michael Greif's Direction may not have the hit of Next to Normal, but the direction simplified the intent of the book. Larry Keigwin Choreography is not Tony Award winning, but does set bring on the contemporary feel of the score. The set Design by Mark Wendland offers a New York multi level fire escape set, but it is the moving ceiling mirror that captures the magic of his artistry and enhances the Lighting Design of Kenneth Posner. Tom Kit's music may not have the emotional effect of Next to Normal, but it's modern and has a few breathtaking moments that Idina Menzel fans will cherish for a lifetime.

The If/Then entire cast includes Idina Menzel (Elizabeth), LaChance (Kate), Anthony Rapp (Lucas), James Snyder (Josh), Jerry Dixon (Stephen ), Jenn Colella (Anne), Jason Tam (David), Tamika Lawrence (Ellen), Joe Cassidy (Ensemble), Miguel Cervantes (Ensemble), Curtis Holbrook (Ensemble), Stephanie Klemons (Ensemble), Tyler McGee (Ensemble), Ryann Redmond (Ensemble), Joe Aaron Reid (Ensemble), Ann Sanders (Ensemble), Marc Delacruz (Swing), Charles Hagerty (Swing), Janet Krupkin (Swing), Pearal Sun (u/s Kate).

If/Then is one of very few new musicals not produced from safe investments of film box office sales, as so many others we now have in our small group of 40 Broadway theatres like: Aladdin, Rocky, Bridges of Madison County, Bullets Over Broadway, Newsies, Kinky Boots, Maltida, The Lion King.. For those who wish to see what life would have been like if you married your fag hag and best gay friend, or if we changed the names of the Rent cast and showed them all dating each other then If/Then will be a huge hit for you. Visit or call 877- 250-2929.

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